About Us
Humasis Co., Ltd. specializes in studying the rapid test kit with its differentiated technology.

About Humasis


Striving in a field

Striving for one field of Point-of-Care Testing
Since founded in 2000 as a company specializing in Rapid Test, Humasis Co., Ltd. has been focusing on one field of Point-of-Care Testing (POCT)

R&D Company

Research & Development Company
As a R&D Company based on the will, autonomy and creativity to develop new technologies that can accurately and quickly analyze the causes of diseases in humans using biotechnology, we are to create a human-centered company that values the development of both individuals and companies participating in this.

Company Information

Export countries

46 countries


107 people

Production items

129 items

Production CAPA

85 million test/yr

Gross Area Head Office/Factory