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Humasis Co., Ltd. specializes in studying the rapid test kit with its differentiated technology.

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Since its founding in 2000 as a rapid test kit company, Humasis Co., Ltd. has developed rapid test kits in various test fields such as virus infectivity test, female hormone test, acute myocardial infarction test and cancer test through constant research and development and has entered the domestic and foreign markets

This has brought about a lot of growth and change to Humasis Co., Ltd., but the recent medical market is constantly demanding new analytical technology and development of products suitable for the changing market. As various types of medical services are created and applied due to aging of the world population, expansion of chronic diseases, the emergence of new patient-centered examination paradigms, and expansion of medical services through various information channels such as the Internet, the development of infrastructure technology to support them is also accelerating.

In particular, as the development of miniaturized point-of-care testing (POCT) testing equipment is expected to greatly contribute to the expansion of the U-health medical market, Humasis Co., Ltd. completed the development of Hubiquan-pro and Hubi-TAS, which are POCT immunoassay devices, by integrating existing specialized bio-analysis and IT technologies.

Equipped with Android-based analysis algorithm, Hubi-TAS can be applied to the development of various new concepts of home test products using artificial intelligence and mobile phones in the future, and will be the technological basis to open the future non-face-to-face remote medical era. Recently, there have been viral pandemic phenomena such as new corona, influenza, and dengue all over the world, and the rapid and low-cost national defense system has become very urgent. Humasis' POCT rapid diagnosis technology will play a key role in this quarantine system

Humasis Co., Ltd. promises that it will continue to grow as a global leader leading K-Bio in the future by gathering the enthusiasm of all employees based on technology, world-class quality, and unity in the POCT field which have been accumulated over the past 20 years.

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