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Research & Development

Central R&D Center

Humasis Central R&D Center is making every effort to secure various source technologies in order to respond to the rapidly changing in vitro diagnostic reagent development technology.

IVD(InVitro Diagnostics) R&D Team

We are studying and developing various types of diagnostic kits to discover diagnostic markers related to diseases that can threaten human health and happiness and analyze them by the immunochromatographic method. In particular, we are actively conducting research on viral infectious diseases with high mortality and infectivity, such as new coronavirus, influenza virus, and dengue virus.

Bio Raw Materials R&D Team

We are studying and developing monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins, which are core raw materials that make up in vitro diagnostic reagents. Technologies that develop and mass-produce dozens of bio-marker-related protein raw materials are key technologies necessary to maintain the quality of in vitro diagnostic reagents and improve the price competitiveness of products. Humasis operates a systematic R&D team to rapidly develop alternative raw materials in preparation for the inaccuracy of existing diagnostic reagents due to the emergence of variant viruses.

Device R&D Team

The accuracy of diagnostic reagents and the convenience of users will be the core technology in the market of POCT in vitro diagnostic reagents now as well as in the future. Therefore, we are committed to developing a home test that can be easily used at home by ordinary consumers without the help of experts by developing nanoparticles that can improve analysis sensitivity using various materials or having the ability to design a three-dimensional microstructure based on hydrodynamic analysis.

Wellness R&D Team

Away from the application to traditional laboratory analytical equipment, recent in vitro diagnostic reagents have evolved to enable easy examination or monitoring anytime, anywhere for wellness in connection with wearable devices such as wristwatches or communication equipment such as mobile phones. This change requires a combination of Bio technology and IT. Already Completed the development of the mobile-based self-diagnostic technology platform, the Humasis Wellness Research Team is preparing the base technology necessary for the non-face-to-face telemedicine era following the Post-Corona era.

Development Team

Countries around the world are further strengthening the licensing standards for imported in vitro diagnostic reagents to protect their interests in the health industry. In particular, key countries of large markets including the United States, Europe and China are demanding advanced clinical research standards and technical documents. The Humasis Development Team is not only contributing to the entry and expansion into overseas markets by devoting all its efforts to securing various clinical research designs and technical documents in response to changes in the global market, but also promoting new business planning through new market analysis.

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