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Global Business
Overseas Business

The Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT) market is growing rapidly by more than 10% each year. As the importance of early diagnosis increases due to the frequent emergence of new diseases, the epidemic of infectious diseases, and the aging of the population, the medical paradigm is also shifting to diagnosis and prevention for treatment. The Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT) project is also expected to continue to increase in demand in the form of combining personalized medical services and healthcare services.

Humasis Overseas Business Division has been achieving constant challenge and growth in the global market based on global standard technology and quality competitiveness in order to respond to the rapid changes in the in vitro diagnostic market and lead the market. Since its foundation in 2000, it has established itself in the market through partnerships with domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, and has expanded the market by establishing a global sales network through local partners in over 50 countries around the world.

Especially, in the event of pandemic such as new COVID-19, swine flu, we are growing as a representative leader of –Bio by supplying quickly through the sales network with field diagnosis POCT rapid diagnosis kits (Humasis COVID-19 IgC/IgM Test, Humasis Influenza A/B Test, Humasis FLU/RSV Combo, etc.) optimized for large-scale screening examination.

Business to Consumer
B2C Business

Humasis B2C Division was newly established in 2020 to expand new sales and distribution channels. The core strategy of the B2C Division is to promote a young, sensuous and diversified marketing and promotion by actively reflecting the needs of consumers to close the gap between the company and consumers and to contribute to the expansion of the business by promoting OEM/ODM based on collaboration with large pharmaceutical companies.

Currently launching our own brand 'Safely', we established strategies to increase consumer convenience by expanding e-commerce, offline and distribution channels across the country in order to make it easy for consumers to purchase products anytime, anywhere. This increase in consumer convenience will be a stepping stone for consumers to more easily access Humasis' various self-diagnostic kits as well as our daily health products under development.

In the future, the B2C Division will take the lead in efforts to increase sales and consumer convenience by improving marketing capabilities and expanding new distribution networks in line with rapidly changing market trends.

Domestic Business
Domestic Business

Domestic business team is in charge of supplying in vitro diagnostics including devices detecting infectious diseases, women's diseases, cancer markers, cardiac markers and urine inspection products to major domestic pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment wholesale and retail companies, local hospitals, health centers, and life insurance companies.

The team spotted opportunity in linking the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries together as a marketing strategy and has achieved stable sales growth through introducing rapid influenza detection kit to the market in collaboration with six major pharmaceutical companies.

The domestic business team works with more than 180 clients across the country to create a foundation for joint growth with their partners through product education on a regular basis and promotional activities. In particular, the team will continue to launch new products in the field of infectious diseases diagnostics where the demand is rising exponentially around the world due to the outbreak of COVID-19. At the same time, they will continue to strive with their partners to develop new market focusing on non-face-to-face diagnostics platform to prepare for post-corona