Humasis in IVD Industry

"Innovative products for people's better life"

Among the diverse sectors in In-Vitro diagnostics industry, Humasis focuses on Point-of-Care Testing. Humasis carries out its vision under the constant R&D mission to diagnose everything about a human. Humasis uses biotechnology to develop new technologies to quickly analyze all causes of mankind diseases.

Core Business

Pregnancy Self Test & Ovulation Self Test

Our pregnancy test kit and ovulation test kit lead the largest share of the hCG self-tests in Korean domestic market, with collaboration of the renowned pharmaceutical companies in Korea.

Quantitative Point-of-Care Testing analyzer

HUBI-QUAN Pro is a quantitative analyzer which gives result values in more precise form than simple rapid test kits using biosensor. Since 2010, HUBI-QUANpro has caught attention in European and Chinese markets for cardiovascular and cancer diseases. We expect to reach more than 20million of market share.